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What the Suit of Pentacles Can Teach You About Money

what the suit of pentacles can teach you about money
Universal Waite Tarot
Many people are useless with their money; they have no idea, how much they've got and what they spend it on.

They overdraw their accounts and create expensive debts on their credit cards, rather than patiently saving up for things they want first.

If you need some help with your money and learn to be more in control with your finances, the Tarot can offer some valuable tips.

Although each card in the Tarot (from Major Arcana to the suits of Cups and Swords) can offer insight and advice on resolving your money issues, the suit of Pentacles is focused on money, possessions, home and wealth.

Here are some useful money lessons you can learn from the pip cards in the Pentacles suit:

ace of pentacles tarot of quotes
Tarot of Quotes
Ace of Pentacles - A windfall, a bonus payment or new financial opportunities that offer a good return of your investment in the future.

Aces are all about planting seeds that - when nurtured well - will turn into something precious and valuable in time to come, such as the proverbial nest egg perhaps in the form of a lucrative pension fund.

What to do: start a savings plan, even if you just invest a little every month. Spending money on a training course will pay off later, if it enhances your skills and you can apply it in your work. Invest money in assets that will increase in value over time.

What to avoid: risky investments, get rich quick schemes, spontaneous purchases and reckless spending you won't have anything to show for later.

Two of Pentacles - a time when you need to juggle your money, because you have some unexpected expenses, and you need to cut back elsewhere. Money goes as fast as it comes, but the trick is not to succumb and overdraw your account. Debts are not the answer.

What to do: be ruthless and cut out any unnecessary spending. Identify those areas in your spending pattern, where money just leaks away without you noticing, e.g. see how you can save on your electricity bill or avoid expensive branded products in the supermarket.

Now is a good time to start writing down what you spend your money on and set your budget.

Become your own Money Magician!

What to avoid: getting into debt; ignoring financial warning signs, hoping for the best.

Three of Pentacles - While working on a project, such as renovating or sprucing up your home, you may need to enlist the help of skilled professionals. This may cost money, but it will be well spent. Nothing is worse than a botched DIY job.

What to do: invest your money into something, that restores and increases value. Focus on your living or work space, where you spend a lot of your time. Upcycling, e.g. furniture and old soft furnishings. If you invest into your business, seek professional advice. Focus on quality.

What to avoid: cutting corners to save time and money; this won't pay off in the long-term.

Four of Pentacles - Take stock of how much money you have stashed away; can you afford to live a little, or do you still need to hold on to your money so tightly?

It's good to be in control and be careful with your spending, but sometimes it's not so good to skimp, especially on necessary repair bills, essential foods and clothing. You can enjoy life and have a good time without blowing all your life savings.

What to do: re-evaluate your savings and spending pattern and make some adjustments

What to avoid: high-risk investments; putting all your money in one basket; depriving yourself (and loved ones) of luxury you can easily afford

five of pentacles tarot of quotes
Tarot of Quotes
Five of Pentacles - Tough times financially. It's hard to make ends meet. A time for thriftiness and frugality. Getting back to basics and making the most of what little you have left. Sometimes a purge of material possessions can help you gain a new perspective on what "things" you really need and what you can do without.

What to do: reduce your spending to the bare essentials; review your remaining assets; consider selling some of your possessions, but also explore how you can make money using the knowledge and skills you have. Ask for professional advice and help, if you have debts or lost your job. Be persistent.

What to avoid: isolation and trying to fix your money problems all by yourself; giving up, despair and resigning to poverty. Don't be shy or proud to ask for the help you need and are entitled to. Money blocks and blaming others.

Six of Pentacles - You may need to apply for a loan or a mortgage, or you feel generous and donate money to good causes. Invest wisely and reap rewards later; be charitable and nurture your heart. Give and take in equal balance. We are all givers and receivers throughout our lives.

What to do: repay a debt to stop it from growing. Offer financial help, if you can afford it. Consider donating to and buying from charity shops to support good causes. If you are entitled to benefits, apply for them.

What to avoid: don't let your generosity be exploited; watch out for cons, who appeal to your kindness. Pay-day loans will haunt you for a long time.

Seven of Pentacles - Money keeps trickling in steadily, but there hasn't been growth for a while. You may need to be patient or take a risk to increase your income.

What to do: find new ways of an additional income stream. Invest into a business venture you are keen to work on, but don't give up your day job yet. Make sure you always have your basic living costs covered. Start a new savings plan in addition to the ones you already have.

What to avoid: rash decisions and indecisiveness. Take your time exploring opportunities, but don't ponder on them forever or you might miss them. Abandoning what you already have for high-risk ventures and investments.

Eight of Pentacles - You need to work hard and all hours to keep your current standard of living. Is it worth it, or is there a better way? Money should work for you, not the other way round.

What to do: investing into learning a new skill or enhancing an existing one, can help you demand a higher salary in the future without working your socks off. Applying for funding for a business project or further studies.

What to avoid: cashing in a savings plan prematurely. Making major financial changes.

nine of pentacles tarot of quotes
Tarot of Quotes
Nine of Pentacles - Trust your instincts in money matters; you tend to be on the right track. Investments into land and property are likely to offer an excellent return in the future. Good money management gives you a feeling of abundance and stability.

What to do: reap rewards and enjoy the good life without going overboard. Maintain and nurture what you have. You may not lack anything now, but ensure you won't lack anything in the future. Focus on self-reliance and financial independence.

What to avoid: complacency and recklessness with money.

Ten of Pentacles - Create a legacy and ensure you and your family are taken care of, if the worst happens. Having to fulfil your financial obligations and responsibilities may stifle your flexibility. When it comes to possessions, less is more.

What to do: life insurance, health cover, pension fund... If you are due a payout, consider re-investing it to build on what you have already gained. Unless you love and use those family heirlooms, sell them if they just collect dust in the attic.

What to avoid: becoming a slave to your debts and material possessions. Being too attached to material things. Hoarding rather than selling.

My top tip on improving your money situation:

Keep a written record of all your expenses, from food shopping to nights out. This way you can identify careless spending and make adjustments. Do you really need to buy that expensive take-away coffee from Starbucks?

By writing down each and every expenditure, you gain control and make better decisions on where and what you spend your money on.

Consult the suit of Pentacles in your money reading:

simply remove the ten cards from your deck, shuffle them and draw a card. What does it advise you to do?

Get on top of your money issues, take charge and start creating abundance with the Tarot.

Warmest wishes,


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  1. What a great post! I love it when readers can bring the cards right into the practical logistics of life and apply to the individual.

    1. Thank you, Catherine! Yes, I love that too :)

  2. Great practical advice here, Christiane!


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