Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Hierophant - Fitting In Vs. Standing Out

hierophant aquatic tarot
“I think the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you except yourself.”
Rita Mae Brown

The Hierophant is a guide, mentor and teacher.

The pope-like figure in the image suggests religion and as such institutions, large organisations and rules based on dogmatic ethics, values and philosophies.

Other keywords linked to the Hierophant are tradition, ritual, conformity, society, the collective, a family business, mission statements, education, corporate power and influence.

Astrologically, the Hierophant is linked to Taurus, and in a reading this may indicate rigidity but also a need for security and stability.

When this card comes up in a reading about work and career, you may need to
  • conform to the rules in a corporate business, if you want to be successful and move ahead in your job
  • stick to proven work methods and follow instructions consistently to produce quality work
  • get involved in education; e.g. enrol on a course related to your work, or share your knowledge and skills with others
  • make conventional and predictable choices and decisions rather than taking a risk
  • avoid innovation; just do what you've always done
  • start a long-term savings or pension plan
  • integrate into a group or team at work by adapting to their culture and customs

But does all that sound too boring for you? Does the idea of following orders make you feel uncomfortable?

Do overpowering corporations, political correctness and the same old routine stifle your true self? Are you itching to blow a whistle?

Then you may need to explore, whether you'd rather break free from "normal" and ruffle some feathers, including your own.

The Hierophant may ask you to align your soul and spirit with your working life, pursue a job or career that reflects your own values and inherent talent.

Challenge the status quo, confront the brainwash and speak up for yourself and others.

Get involved in charitable work, or start a volunteer project to make a positive difference in your community.

Do you prefer to be one of the sheep in the herd, or take on the role of the shepherd?

The Taurus energy makes the Hierophant reluctanct to change, but change is necessary for innovation and growth.

In Tarot Magick, meditate on the image of the Hierophant to gain clarity on your spiritual path and follow your own truth, to succeed in educational activities and exams, and to gain respect and recognition from others.

What special message does the Hierophant hold for you today?

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