Thursday, 24 April 2014

Social Networking Mistakes You Don't Want To Make

Social networking mistakes
I'm not a social animal when it comes to maintaining my Facebook pages and Twitter account.

I admire people, who can always engage their followers with witty, imaginative posts several times a day.

Admittedly, this is still a big learning curve for me, but I do know what best to avoid when networking online.

Here are some of my pet hates I have come across that make me unfollow Facebook pages and Twitter accounts:

1. Lots of photos or status updates are posted in  a short period of time cluttering up my news feed on both Twitter and Facebook. I'm not talking up to 10 a day (already quite a lot) but something like 30 - 50 in a row...

Stop that spam! It's really annoying. There is too much noise and information out there already. Quality counts, not quantity. Just remember it's so easy to unfollow or block your updates.

2. Imagine getting this message: "I have just liked your page. Can you follow this link and like my page, too?"

Honestly...let me put this straight: I only want you to like my page, if you genuinely like it and want to engage with me. Expecting a favour in return only irritates me, but I do often reciprocate as long as you don't ask. And when I do, you will know that I genuinely like your page and want to interact with it.

Tip: If you want to promote your business with a Facebook business or personal page, increase your exposure by not only liking other pages but also engaging with them. A win-win for all.

3. Auto-scheduling self-promoting posts in public Facebook groups. 

Yes, okay, I did mention the benefits of auto-scheduling tweets and Facebook updates in one of my earlier posts, but you are walking a thin red line, when you are auto-posting to public groups.

What you do with the accounts and pages you own is entirely up to you, but please treat public groups with respect and show up in person when you post there. Otherwise it gives the impression you just can't be bothered.

And I know it's an auto-scheduled post, because it says via Hootsuite at the bottom, and it's always posted at the same time every day ;)

Furthermore, auto-posting the same stuff again and again is simply spam. I had to turn off notification of some Tarot groups on Facebook, because certain members keep posting links to their website, products and services every day.

Please don't ram your stuff into my face. It's irritating, and I just block you off my radar. And I guess I'm not the only one ;)

4. Addicted to auto-pilot

You still need to show up on your pages and respond to your followers. Don't lose the personal touch. Respond to messages and feedback in person rather than setting up auto-replies, so people feel valued and keep coming back. Automating social media tasks is helpful, but don't turn into a robot. You still need to engage with your followers.

5. Twit Validation "TrueTwit"

One of the most irritating things on Twitter. If you use this service, rest assured that you are missing out on loads of followers, because they can't be bothered having to prove they're not robots.

The moment I receive a direct message asking me to follow a link to confirm I'm human, I unfollow straight away. Not worth my time.

So, if you use TrueTwit, consider ditching it. There is no need to check, if your followers are spammers; likelihood is that not many are anyway.

6. Don't Rely on Social Networks

This is one of the worst mistakes you can make; relying too much on social media platforms to promote your business.

When you invest a lot of time creating pages on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and so on, remember that you don't own your pages there, and therefore have no control over them. You could be shut down any moment, or your pages become less visible unless you start paying for ad fees.

Keep time you spend building your social media pages to a minimum, and instead focus on creating valuable content for your website. This is where you are in control, and eventually working on what you own will pay off.

What turns you off on social media? I'd love to hear from you.

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