Thursday, 22 November 2012

SWOT Analysis Tarot Spread

If you would like to assess your potential and prospects in your current job, or want to explore, whether a new job/career move will be beneficial, then this spread can help you make a more confident decision on which direction to choose.

SWOT stands for Strengths - Weaknesses - Opportunities - Threats

Strengths and weaknesses are internal; they relate to your personality and talents; what you can bring to the work you do (or want to do), and where you may experience difficulties.

Opportunities and threats are external; they relate to what you can expect to be offered in terms of career progression, training and development, management and leadership, but also limitations that are out of your control, e.g. changes in the professions, at the workplace, company, organisation etc.

Aquatic Tarot,
Here is an example, how you can assess your current situation, evaluate your SWOTs and decide on the action to take:

1. Present Situation - Eight of Swords
2. Strengths - Queen of Pentacles
3. Weaknesses - The Chariot
4. Opportunities - Strength
5. Threats - Three of Wands
6. Next Step - Knight of Pentacles

1. The Eight of Swords suggests limitations and restrictions in the current work/career environment.Feelings of frustration about being stifled and blocked. At the same time, this also seems like a comfort zone; familiarity with the difficulties encountered, which are used as protection against unknown possibilities. Fear of change, which needs to be overcome.

2. Queen of Pentacles strengths: reliable, practical, hands-on approach, productive, efficient, disciplined, taking pride in her work and loving it; creative; patient and determined to succeed. Enjoys working on her own, but can also be a nurturing and supportive leader.

3. Chariot weaknesses: restless, getting easily bored, sometimes ruled by emotions, moody, clingy, insecure, disliking change and upheaval, can get stressed easily, lacking control and foresight; giving up quickly, not persevering.

4. Strength opportunities: an inspiring manager, mentor or guide may offer opportunities in developing confidence and leadership qualities; possibilities of promotion and a strong position in the future.

5. Three of Wands threats: aspirations and ambitious goals may be out of reach; unrealistic expectations, misjudgement, lack of focus and direction; business may not achieve success it hoped for; slow reaction to changing markets and demands.

6. The Knight of Pentacles suggests to stay put, but also be open-minded about the future; keep watching changing markets, economy, within the workplace and changes of customers' needs and demands; act quickly, if necessary. Short-term there are good opportunities to hone skills, knowledge and experience to become more confident to make a move when the time is right. Investing in training and perhaps even a mentor will sow the seeds for accelerating career advancement. Utilise strengths to alleviate weaknesses; try to avoid moodiness and find ways to relax and unwind to increase resilience when under pressure. Patience, hard work, determination and perseverance will pay off.

As you can see, the SWOT analysis spread can give some useful insight. Why don't you give it a try to assess your work situation?

If you have just started learning the Tarot, you may want to use my ebook as a guide to help you interpret the cards. Alternatively, you can request a career reading by e-mail.

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Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Fool At Work

Fool, Aquatic Tarot,
The Fool, Aquatic Tarot
"Living on the edge is perilous, but the view is breathtaking."

The Fool is a wonderful image of new beginnings and adventure. Here we see a flamboyantly dressed figure standing by the edge of a cliff on a journey into the unknown. The Fool is taking in the view, and it is up to us to imagine what he sees.

The Fool in a business reading indicates a new job, a new project, perhaps working with new colleagues ...any change in the workplace that holds new opportunities and possibilities yet to be revealed.

You don't know what the future holds, or what the consequences of the changes taking place will be, but the Fool is asking you to be open-minded and optimistic.

The Fool can also indicate that you are ready for a change, there is that urge inside you to start afresh, and there is no better moment than the present.

There are risks involved, of course, but is up to you to overcome your fears and take the plunge into a new direction. It would be naive to assume that there won't be obstacles and hiccups along the way, but that shouldn't put you off. Have faith in yourself that you can overcome the ups and downs in your new venture.

If you are currently stuck in a job you don't like, the Fool is asking you to bear it with a cheerful personality rather than openly expressing your frustrations amongst colleagues.

Avoid nagging, complaining and indulging in malicious, unproductive gossiping. Instead, be happy-go-lucky, friendly, enthusiastic, supportive, professional and take pride in doing a good job.

Spread positive vibes!

Just remember that your current job is just a stepping stone towards something better; new opportunities will present themselves shortly, or you can initiate them.

When you are faced with a new situation, try not to have any pre-conceived ideas. Leave past experiences behind. In the image, we can see the Fool has packed what he needs (not much!) in his little pack tied on a stick. Especially when past experiences were negative, they can be limiting to you right now.

The Fool is linked to the element air, which is associated with intellect, logic and reason. The Fool's positive attitude is a mindset that is beneficial to you, when this card comes up in a reading:

  • In business meetings and discussions: be genuinely open to suggestions, rather than dismissive.
  • Consider giving a new employee or colleague a chance you wouldn't have at other times.
  • Say 'yes' rather than 'no'.
  • Be flexible.
  • Try something new you haven't tested before.
  • Think outside the box, or just think outside :)
  • A training course may offer you more new knowledge and benefits than you think. Sign up for it and enjoy!
  • Business trips and travel will help you network and establish new and useful business contacts.
  • Be excited about new beginnings and the possibilities they present, especially changes you didn't chose or think you don't want.

But don't be gullible either! That get-rich-quick scheme someone is trying to persuade you to participate in, is rubbish and a con, and you know it :)

The Fool is a Hippy at heart and guided instinctively into the right direction. Take his qualities on board to make the most of changes around you, and welcome new, exciting experiences and challenges into your life.

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