Thursday, 23 August 2012

Love The Work You Do

I have just returned from a fabulous holiday, and while I was enjoying magical landscapes and the surprisingly sunny weather in the northern parts of the UK, my head kept buzzing with all sorts of creative ideas to do with my business ventures.

You see, I love the job and the work I do. I could work 24/7 and not regard it as work but pleasure, even though admittedly it's not all rosy, and I do encounter a fair share of irritations along the way (check out Theresa Reed's excellent article 8 Hard Truths About Being A Tarot Reader).

And here's your exploration for today:

Take a look at the image of the Sun; do you feel as joyful as the child when you think of your working life?

Whether you are self-employed or working for a company, remember it doesn't have to be perfect, but your work should fulfil most if not all of the following needs:

  • prospects and career development 
  • opportunities to fulfil your potential 
  • a sense of purpose 
  • flexibility (time and hours) 
  • healthy work/life balance 
  • being valued, respected and encouraged 
  • earning a fair income (one that nurtures and sustains you) 
  • being empowered 
  • a good level of autonomy and self-determination 
  • to make the most of your abilities and intelligence 
  • to be able to embrace change with optimism rather than fear 
  • feed your confidence and self-esteem

Which of your needs are fulfilled? Which ones are neglected? Make notes on what changes you would like to implement in order to improve your working life. Explore which skills or personal qualities you need to make use of or develop in order to achieve them. 

If you are looking to make positive changes to your working life, the Sun is asking you to focus on the following key qualities:

  • confidence
  • self-worth
  • optimism
  • joyfulness

  • In astrology, the sun rules the ego and its key phrase is "I am". Quite literally this means "looking after no. 1" rather than neglecting your core needs for the benefit of others.

    This doesn't mean that it's okay to be outrageously selfish and ruthless, but if you feel undervalued, underpaid, overlooked, overruled, sidelined and generally loosing out in your current occupation, then deep down you know this cannot continue and you have to do something about it.

    Equally, if you are stuck in a boring, tedious job that doesn't nurture your soul and spirit, then it's also time to make plans and take action to improve your working life. It's time to stop finding excuses for your situation.

    But if you feel insecure and lack confidence, this can be difficult to do. 

    The trick is to start changing your mindset and keep focusing on your new empowering way of thinking:

    • raise your expectations - expect the best - expect your needs to be fulfilled 
    • start believing in your talents and abilities - know your worth and take action (training, mentoring, etc.) to increase it
    • spread happiness - take pride in your work - smile (even if you don't always feel like it)

    Have you sometimes wondered why some people are so successful compared to others?

    They may not be that talented, they may even be rubbish managers or disastrous CEOs, but what they do have is a a positive mindset about themselves; they feel deserving of the best and believe in themselves. With that attitude they get others to believe in them, too, thus becoming successful business leaders, artists, therapists, sales people etc.

    So, this is your first lesson from the Sun: 

    Focus on developing its four key qualities within yourself by adopting a new positive mindset of raising your expectations and believing in yourself. Perform your work joyfully, even if you don't always feel like it.

    As long as you are determined and persist, you will notice improvements sooner than you think.

    What can you learn from the Sun to start improving your working life today?

    Warmest wishes,


    PS: If you know little about the basics of Tarot, check out my eBook Empowering Messages from the Tarot for a concise introduction and enlightening information.


    1. Great blog, Christiane. I really resonate with your sunny Sun tenor.

      1. Thank you Jordan for stopping by and posting the first comment on my new blog ;)


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